BOMBSHELLDocumentary-Forbidden Cancer Cures They Have Hidden and Suppressed

Documentary-Forbidden Cancer Cures They Have Hidden and Suppressed This story was sent to me by a great friend named “Deborah Jane D” and it’s a cracker, but sad too.

In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine. Most of them were rejected out-front, even though healings were claimed in the thousands, their proposers often being labelled as charlatans, ostracized by the medical community and ultimately forced to leave the country. At the same time, more than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it. Why?

This documentary talks about the current pharmaceutical industry and how much its influence has changed Washington and its policies on the medical industry.
Many years ago, a Native American tribe had developed a treatment for cancer that uses all-natural herbs and spices.

Please use the link below and scroll down to the video. This is shocking, although I am guessing millions of us always knew that they had a cure.