Ivermectin cures covid but are banned from being used to save lives.

The medication that can save lives is being stopped by the government from being used. The government’s message “Save the NHS & save lives” seems to be an empty plea. If they rea meant what they say they could allow this medication to be used in all hospitals immediately. But they use remdesivir which damages the kidneys leading to kidney failure and the patient drowning in their own body fluid.

Ivermectin had to be smuggled in chocolate into A North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple to save this woman’s life. She had been on CPAP mask ventilation with possible need for intubation ventilation. After one dose with breakfast, she was moved out of Intensive care by 11pm the same day! Her initial Ivermectin prescription was seized by the consultant when brought to the ward. Husband had to travel to Bath to see Dr Tess Lawrie (B.I.R.D group) and given a new supply. This is her story.

If this does not open people’s eyes to the ongoing mafia-style criminal behaviour of health services, I don’t know what will😡