Ex vice president of Pfizer Mike Yeadon on the social credit system

Mike Yeadon

Ex Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon on the Social Credit System that is planned to be rolled out

The establishment is bulldozing tyranny with ease – Because nobody’s fighting back or kicking doors

Maybe when doors are kicked for your health, you might wake up – Injections are a reality check

You have no rights !


£39 BILLION Fraud in UK government to non-existent companies before Covid.

UK: Govt Fraud Is “RAMPANT” – says Quitting Counter-Fraud Minister

Lord Agnew has accused the Treasury of having “no knowledge or little interest in the consequences of fraud” as he stormed out of the House of Lords chamber having quit the Tory party.

“The failure of government in tackling fraud is, I believe, so egregious and the need for remedy so urgent that, in the end, I felt the only option was to smash some crockery to get people to take notice,” he said in a Financial Times Op-Ed.

He claims “schoolboy errors” have led to an estimated $39bn a year fraud loss across government, citing over 1,000 bounce-back loans issued to companies that didn’t exist prior to the pandemic.

I don’t think there were schoolboy errors. These companies had been dormant for years waiting for this. Then they all become live, won government contracts for billions of pounds in PPE.

One company quoted £2 per mask, the magical company won the contract for £4.20 per mask and of lesser quality.

Senator Ron Johnson hears about Corruption in the CDC and Fauci lies about the unvaccinated being hospitalised.

Thomas Renz on vaccines at Ron Johnson’s COVID-19 press conf.

Miscarriages up 300%

Cancer up 300%

Neurological issues up 1000%

This is a very important video where Senator Ron Johnson listens to devastating figures that are being hidden by Fauci and the CDC. This is happening all over the world. This is depopulation on a global level.

I know for many of you that this is extremely difficult to believe, but look at the history of rulers and governments.

We are nothing to these people. We put them in power and now that power is being used against us. Look at my other posts. The truth is hard to imagine, but it is happening.

Watch the video below.

Thomas Renz

Klaus Schwab In 2017 – Penetrate The Global Cabinets Of Countries With Our WEF Young Global Leaders

Klaus Schwab in 2017 at Harvard: “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders.”

People don’t believe people like me when we tell them that everything is planned for the great reset. We show irrefutable evidence of everything but it’s just not going in and registering.

The one question I always ask is this,

Why do they use covid RELATED figures when counting the deaths?

I’ve asked this question thousands of times. I have never had an answer. For some reason it’s ignored, it’s like they don’t see the question. There is only one answer for this, and that’s to bump up the death figures. When people realise that this is not normal and realise this, they should (well maybe) start thinking for themselves and start seeing other ridiculous things that’s happening.

The most suspicious government mandate is the NHS being told to have the vaccine or lose their jobs.

Now, they’ve worked for 2 years through the worst of the pandemic, and Omicron is so deadly that they are allowing the 70,000 plus staff to work until April. And on top of that, even if they did have the injection, they can still catch covid and still pass it on. And anyone else who has had it can still catch it and still pass it on. So why can’t people see the absurdity with this?

There is data on the government website in every country proving that the vaccinated are dying and are filling the hospitals. But the media and government won’t show you this because they are trying to blame the unvaccinated so that everyone turns against them in the hope that they will buckle and have the injection.

So Klaus Schwab wrote the book “ The Great Reset “ I’ve put a free copy on a previous post. This book is the complete guide to everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. But still, people do not believe what you show them.

Anyway, below is the link for the short video on Klaus Schwab explaining how he has placed the right people in the right places.