European Parliament censored by the media

Here are some important videos that every citizen should see. Censorship of anything that goes against this totalitarian narrative is becoming obvious.

Banned for typing the word “Kidnap” on Facebook whilst I was talking about a book I’m writing was a complete joke. But this is what it’s come to.

Let’s start with MEP Christine Anderson.

MEP Christine Anderson
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
JUST IN – Sri Lanka’s president has fled the country on a military jet. His brother, the finance minister, also fled, and is headed to the US.
Nothing to see here, Just a little background check of Rishi Sunak…

Don’t be a victim of ignorance, Think while it’s still legal.
Video shows protestors handing over biscuits and water bottles to Police Officers and Soldiers who were guarding the Prime-Ministers Office in Sri Lanka

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